Monday, May 7, 2007

16th Week (29th April ~ 5th May 2007)

Another rough week. On Sunday, we went to settle our Income Tax and went to visit my parents. Continue from previous week, my mother-in-law some how was still not very happy with our decision on letting Yit Ling's friend to babysit Yueh Hui on last Friday. As we decided last week, Monday we were planning to let her babysitting Yueh Hui instead of Mei Wan. But by the time we reach SS2, she already gone out the previous night to stay with her other daughter. I have no choice but have to babysit Yueh Hui at SS2 while waiting for her to come back. Yit Ling need to work and I was on holiday. This is the first time I babysited Yueh Hui alone for long hours. She was quite stressful that day. I had hard time to feed her for the whole day. My mother-in-law came back around 5pm. The following 2 days is Public Holiday, we take care of her at Puchong. We sent Yueh Hui to SS2 on Wednesday for few hours because Yit Ling need to go back to office. We also went to Jln Ipoh to visit my mom. She has just hospitalised for back problem. Things gone back to normal once my Mother-in-law back to her good mood.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

15th Week (22nd April ~ 28th April 07)

Big ho-ha this week. Since Yit Ling's mother diceded no to babysit Yueh Hui, we arrange to sent Yueh Hui to Jln Ipoh on Monday. This is the first time my parent baby-sitting her. We carried all staff to Jln Ipoh, playpen, bouncher, stocked milk, gym (toy), nappies, etc... Big sis had a hard time because Yueh Hui likes to cry on that day. On Tuesday, we put her back to SS2, because Yit Ling's big sister was on leave and voluntery to baby-sit Yueh Hui for a day. On Wednesday, we still put her at SS2, Yit Ling taken half day leave to take care of her. One Thursday, at SS2 again, Yit Ling got no work (Agong's Installation day). That night itself, we suppose to visit babysitter around SS2 but Yit Ling's mother objected it and agree to babysit Yueh Hui. So, to reduce the tension, we decided no to see the babysitter. On Friday, we sent Yueh Hui to Mei Wan's house in Bandar Utama. She has voluntier to babysit Yueh Hui for Friday and coming Monday. Mei Wan is Yit Ling colleage. Again, we brought all the staff, playpen, bouncher, nappies, frozen milk, etc to her house early in the morning. But Yit Ling's mother was very upset on our arrangement. She refuse to talk to us. Situation is from bad to worst! On Friday night, we also get the injection for Yueh Hui from Dr Chye at USJ Taipan clinic. She really taught because she does not cry during the injection.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

14th Week (15th April ~ 21st April 07)

Yueh Hui had fever on Sunday night. This is the first time she sick. Before this, she got mild fever after the injection. We sent her to Dr Khoo on Monday morning. Thank god, she recovered on the same day afternoon. On Friday, Yit Ling's mother was very tire because she was not feeling well and the maid was not at home to help her to take care of Yueh Hui. That night when we reach home, she called Yit Ling and annouced that she wanted us to find Yueh Hui a babysitter. She is not able to take care of Yueh Hui. We were shock but manage to ask my sister to help up of few days next week while we are searching for babysitter.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

13th Week (8th April ~ 14th April 2007)

New skill learned. Yueh Hui know how to roll over by herself. She can roll-over from laying on the back to tummy. So far only one direction, from left to right. She still cannot release her hand from being stuck under her body. Everytime she did that she will cry for help. She can hold her head steadily and likes to kick a lot. She also likes to be hold facing outward. She likes to talk and especially very responsive when I said "apple". This is 2nd week YL back to work. The milk storage is improving and most of the time we have some extras. Anywhere, we had bought another 4 extra bottle from Babyland and 4 more during Jusco Sales. We also bought baby carry harness during the sales. Furthermore, YL went for Pureen Warehouse Sales to grab somemore baby stuff.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

12th Week (1st April ~ 7th April 2007)

A lot of things happen this week. First of all, YL started to work on Wednesday. We have major problem on this day. Some how the breast milk storage was not enough for Yueh Hui. My mother-in-law was so angry because the baby was crying all day long. Some how she cannot find the Formula milk we prepared for her for this situation. To make things worst, my mother-in-law was complaining her leg was very painful due to carrying Yueh Hui. We were so worry what to do next. To get a babysitter or continue with my mother-in-law? Finally, we gave her another try. Subsiquence days was better because we have more than enough breast milk stock. On Wednesday night, for the first time, Yueh Hui slept for more than 4 hours non interupted at night. This is new sleeping pattern, also gave YL more time to rest. Yueh Hui has become more and more talketive now. She even start to roll-over her body but has not been successful yet without our assistant. We went to see Dr Chye on Saturday to check her rashes on her face. According to Dr Chye, that is normal and very mild and everything seem normal. He advise us to use baby lotion on the dry skin area.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

11th Week (25th March ~ 31st March)

YL will start work next week. We were trying out our new routine. First of all, YH had not been fed with bottle or formula milk since 3rd Week. We were not
sure whether she likes it or not. The breast pump also been idle for some time. YL was trying to express milk with the pump but not very successful. She only
managed to express less than 2 oz for the first trial. But things get better by time. We also struggle to feed her with bottle. Anywhere, we managed to use
bottle for the whole Sunday with a lot of pain.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

10th Week (18th March ~ 24th March)

For the first time, we went out for shopping together. YH was very coorporative, throught out the 3 hours shopping, she just sleep...... I made a mistake by
not bringing the stroller... I have to carry her for solid 3 hours.... lesson learn. YL fed her once in nursery room in Jusco.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

6th Week (18th Feb ~ 24th Feb 07)

First Chinese New Year with YH. First time also for YL and myself collect Ang Pao for our baby. We spend first 2 days of CNY at my parent place and another
day at YL's mother place. After that, we took a good rest at home to enjoy some peaceful day. The confinement month really tireing and this is the first time
we have our own space to relax. For YL, this is very good break, at least she felt more comfortable at home.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

5th Week (11th ~ 17th Feb 2007)

According to Lo Ti Pat, Yueh Hui's fullmoon is on 11th Feb 2007. Early morning we clean her up and I perform hair cutting ceremony to trim her hair. We were debating whether to shave her hair or to just trim her hair. Chinese believe baby hair should be shaved bald on fullmoon day but modern practice has change a little bit. Since non of our parents insist to shive her, I decided to trim because maybe the tiny little hair can keep her head warm. By afternoon we went
to my Parents home at Jln Ipoh for praying ceremony. This is the first time we went back together to my parents' house. My mom is very happy and she set-up the praying table and we 'bai bai' together.
All my family members turn-out for our celebration dinner at home. Yit Ling's 2nd brother also joint us. Unfornutely, the baby is too busy sleeping, she did not came out from her room until later that night.We went back to SS2 after all the makan makan.
On 14th Feb, I collected fullmoon gift package from Uniq Food Trading at Puchong. I distributed 23 packages to APM AC and 17 packages to Unisys then 25 packages to APM AE. Of course, I delivered my family members.
It cost me almost RM1K for the above gift boxes. This Chinese traditional practice to return favour to those who sent gift to the baby. The most important item is the red eggs. Chinese used to ask a newly wed couple when to present 'red eggs'. That means new baby born.We went back to our home in Puchong together for the first time on 23rd Feb, one day before Chinese New Year's Eve.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

4th Week (4th ~ 10th Feb 2007)

Activities become routine....
Yueh Hui still crying every night.... but we are in better control. At least we know how to handle the situation.
Still need to wake up every 2 hours to feed her....

Sunday, February 4, 2007

3rd Week (28th Jan ~3rd Feb 2007)

This week, things has been stabilised, breast milk supply is sufficient and events is quite routine. The only things is night feeding is still very challenging.Yit Ling is recovering and Yueh Hui is growthing steadilly.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

2nd Week (21st~27th Jan 2007)

I went to visit the baby early in morning and handed to nurse a bottle of breast milk. The baby looks fine under the phototherapy lights. Dr Chye confirmed that she should be okay to discharge later of the day. We brought her back about 5pm that day.
The next few days we sunbathing every morning to prevent Jaunedice. Yit Ling was still stress out because of the milk supply but things is improving.I went to see Lo Ti Pat on 22nd Jan to get advice about her name. As Chinese, we believe every person born with 5 ways. We wanted to be sure her name is competible to her born star. With 12 choices of name given by Master Lo, we decided to name her Yueh Hui. I went to register her name in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara
Malaysia (Gombak) on 23rd Jan 2007 to collect her birth certificate.This week we were still learning to cope with her attention and life is very much different with a little baby around. Too much sleepless nights finally caught me, I have developed red eyes and was very tired. 3rd sister was so kind to let me go back to my house for a break while she still overnight to take
care of the baby for me for a night on Saturday night. Mei Ling was visiting us almost everynight to comfort Yit Ling.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

1st Week (15th~20th Jan 2007)

After 1 night stay in Sunway Medical, Dr Wong and Dr Chye agreed to let the baby and mother to discharge. With Mei Ling (my sister-in-law) help, we arrived Yit Ling's mother's house in SS2 about 4pm. The baby was very co-operative, she enjoyed the journey through-out.
First night at SS2 was dissaster. Yit Ling was strugger because the breas milk supply was not enough. The baby was crying through-out the night. We do not expect this situation and we did not prepare any formula milk at home. I went out to buy formula milk first thing in the morning the very next day.
The next few days was equally bad, we were struggle to decide between breast milk and formula milk. Yit Ling was depress because she wants to breast feed but the supply still not enough. We gave the baby 2 Ozs of formula milk almost every night. At the same time, mother-in-law was very upset and kept encourage us to bottle feed the baby. She believe breast milk is not good enough to the baby. Mei Ling, 3rd sister did manage to conform Yit Ling on this issue and encourage her to breast feed the baby as offen as possible to stimulate milk production. Yit Ling was in pain becuase of the nipple sour.
On the 18th Jan, we (Yit Ling, baby and myself) went back to visit Dr Chye for baby check up. We went to nursary to seek help from Sister Alice (the nurse who we met during pre-natal class). She was very helpful and conform Yit Ling and guide her the way to feed the baby. Sister Choong came and introduced a Breast Warmer (RM50) to us. Warm it in Microwave Oven for 15 second and stick it on the breast to encourage milk flow.
We went back to see Dr Chye on 20th Jan to recheck baby's Jaundice level. The previous level was 199, which was at high side but still okay. The latest result was 230 and recommended to have phototherapy treatment. We decided to admit the baby for the treatment the same day.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Puteri Arrived - 14th Jan 2007 (Sunday)

Yueh Hui was born earlier by 2 weeks. For course, her name was not fixed until 2nd week. As first baby, we were expecting it to be late. Even Dr Wong Yet Mei who we visited yesterday was talking about how to deal if its overdue.

Around 10.00am in the morning, YL was complaining she experienced mild contraction every 10 minutes. At that time, I was so 'fixed' that I was strongly believe that was only a false alarm because I was expecting it to be longer interval as the book said, maybe start from 30 minuts interval then slowing shorten. By 11.00am, after 1 hour of monitoring and timing, the contraction was still happen every 10 minutes. We decided to go to Sunway Hospital for checkup, in case, but on the way we have our late breakfast. Think about it now, we really take things too easy. We reach hospital by 11.30am, the nurse immediately put YL to labour room to monitor the
progress. An hour later, the nurse confirmed that the dilation is already 5cm and wanted me to admit YL. With all the Pre-natal course knowledge, the full dilation should need another 5 hours, 1 hour for 1 cm. I called Chris (Stremlife) that YL will deliver the baby by 4pm. By the time I completed the admission registertion and back to labour room, YL was complaining the sharp pain from her stomack, the time was 12.45 noon. I immediately alert the nurse, she told me
that the baby will be deliver anytime. I quickly call Chris again to update the latest situation. By this time, YL was in terrible pain but the nurse kept reminding her no to push. Doc Wong arrived about 1.10pm and immediately they position YL in Delivery position. By 1336, Angelina born within 5 sets of pushing. She is heathy and cord coiled her neck twice but everything is fine.
While the nurses cleaning her, Dr Wong was handling YL and waiting for the Placenta to be delivered. It was an easy job because the Placenta just slide out by itself.

Yueh Hui has her first breast milk right after the checkup. It was a struggle because YL is new to breast feed and the baby is also new to breast feed.

Yit Ling was transfer back to normal wad above 3pm. From that time on, we have a lot of visitor from her family, my family and friends.
The first night was peaceful.