Monday, May 7, 2007

16th Week (29th April ~ 5th May 2007)

Another rough week. On Sunday, we went to settle our Income Tax and went to visit my parents. Continue from previous week, my mother-in-law some how was still not very happy with our decision on letting Yit Ling's friend to babysit Yueh Hui on last Friday. As we decided last week, Monday we were planning to let her babysitting Yueh Hui instead of Mei Wan. But by the time we reach SS2, she already gone out the previous night to stay with her other daughter. I have no choice but have to babysit Yueh Hui at SS2 while waiting for her to come back. Yit Ling need to work and I was on holiday. This is the first time I babysited Yueh Hui alone for long hours. She was quite stressful that day. I had hard time to feed her for the whole day. My mother-in-law came back around 5pm. The following 2 days is Public Holiday, we take care of her at Puchong. We sent Yueh Hui to SS2 on Wednesday for few hours because Yit Ling need to go back to office. We also went to Jln Ipoh to visit my mom. She has just hospitalised for back problem. Things gone back to normal once my Mother-in-law back to her good mood.