Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lost her First Teeth

The dentist took off her teeth to made space for the new teeth.

Yamaha Junior Music Course

Just finish her JMC assessment at Subang Parade.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3 years 2 months (March 2010)

Now the puteri is 3 years old +. Last weekend was the first time her mother is out of town for long period (3 nights). During the absent of her mother, I were baby sitting her. She acted normally but did ask why mammi is late to come home.

Monday, May 7, 2007

16th Week (29th April ~ 5th May 2007)

Another rough week. On Sunday, we went to settle our Income Tax and went to visit my parents. Continue from previous week, my mother-in-law some how was still not very happy with our decision on letting Yit Ling's friend to babysit Yueh Hui on last Friday. As we decided last week, Monday we were planning to let her babysitting Yueh Hui instead of Mei Wan. But by the time we reach SS2, she already gone out the previous night to stay with her other daughter. I have no choice but have to babysit Yueh Hui at SS2 while waiting for her to come back. Yit Ling need to work and I was on holiday. This is the first time I babysited Yueh Hui alone for long hours. She was quite stressful that day. I had hard time to feed her for the whole day. My mother-in-law came back around 5pm. The following 2 days is Public Holiday, we take care of her at Puchong. We sent Yueh Hui to SS2 on Wednesday for few hours because Yit Ling need to go back to office. We also went to Jln Ipoh to visit my mom. She has just hospitalised for back problem. Things gone back to normal once my Mother-in-law back to her good mood.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

15th Week (22nd April ~ 28th April 07)

Big ho-ha this week. Since Yit Ling's mother diceded no to babysit Yueh Hui, we arrange to sent Yueh Hui to Jln Ipoh on Monday. This is the first time my parent baby-sitting her. We carried all staff to Jln Ipoh, playpen, bouncher, stocked milk, gym (toy), nappies, etc... Big sis had a hard time because Yueh Hui likes to cry on that day. On Tuesday, we put her back to SS2, because Yit Ling's big sister was on leave and voluntery to baby-sit Yueh Hui for a day. On Wednesday, we still put her at SS2, Yit Ling taken half day leave to take care of her. One Thursday, at SS2 again, Yit Ling got no work (Agong's Installation day). That night itself, we suppose to visit babysitter around SS2 but Yit Ling's mother objected it and agree to babysit Yueh Hui. So, to reduce the tension, we decided no to see the babysitter. On Friday, we sent Yueh Hui to Mei Wan's house in Bandar Utama. She has voluntier to babysit Yueh Hui for Friday and coming Monday. Mei Wan is Yit Ling colleage. Again, we brought all the staff, playpen, bouncher, nappies, frozen milk, etc to her house early in the morning. But Yit Ling's mother was very upset on our arrangement. She refuse to talk to us. Situation is from bad to worst! On Friday night, we also get the injection for Yueh Hui from Dr Chye at USJ Taipan clinic. She really taught because she does not cry during the injection.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

14th Week (15th April ~ 21st April 07)

Yueh Hui had fever on Sunday night. This is the first time she sick. Before this, she got mild fever after the injection. We sent her to Dr Khoo on Monday morning. Thank god, she recovered on the same day afternoon. On Friday, Yit Ling's mother was very tire because she was not feeling well and the maid was not at home to help her to take care of Yueh Hui. That night when we reach home, she called Yit Ling and annouced that she wanted us to find Yueh Hui a babysitter. She is not able to take care of Yueh Hui. We were shock but manage to ask my sister to help up of few days next week while we are searching for babysitter.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

13th Week (8th April ~ 14th April 2007)

New skill learned. Yueh Hui know how to roll over by herself. She can roll-over from laying on the back to tummy. So far only one direction, from left to right. She still cannot release her hand from being stuck under her body. Everytime she did that she will cry for help. She can hold her head steadily and likes to kick a lot. She also likes to be hold facing outward. She likes to talk and especially very responsive when I said "apple". This is 2nd week YL back to work. The milk storage is improving and most of the time we have some extras. Anywhere, we had bought another 4 extra bottle from Babyland and 4 more during Jusco Sales. We also bought baby carry harness during the sales. Furthermore, YL went for Pureen Warehouse Sales to grab somemore baby stuff.