Sunday, January 28, 2007

2nd Week (21st~27th Jan 2007)

I went to visit the baby early in morning and handed to nurse a bottle of breast milk. The baby looks fine under the phototherapy lights. Dr Chye confirmed that she should be okay to discharge later of the day. We brought her back about 5pm that day.
The next few days we sunbathing every morning to prevent Jaunedice. Yit Ling was still stress out because of the milk supply but things is improving.I went to see Lo Ti Pat on 22nd Jan to get advice about her name. As Chinese, we believe every person born with 5 ways. We wanted to be sure her name is competible to her born star. With 12 choices of name given by Master Lo, we decided to name her Yueh Hui. I went to register her name in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara
Malaysia (Gombak) on 23rd Jan 2007 to collect her birth certificate.This week we were still learning to cope with her attention and life is very much different with a little baby around. Too much sleepless nights finally caught me, I have developed red eyes and was very tired. 3rd sister was so kind to let me go back to my house for a break while she still overnight to take
care of the baby for me for a night on Saturday night. Mei Ling was visiting us almost everynight to comfort Yit Ling.