Sunday, April 15, 2007

13th Week (8th April ~ 14th April 2007)

New skill learned. Yueh Hui know how to roll over by herself. She can roll-over from laying on the back to tummy. So far only one direction, from left to right. She still cannot release her hand from being stuck under her body. Everytime she did that she will cry for help. She can hold her head steadily and likes to kick a lot. She also likes to be hold facing outward. She likes to talk and especially very responsive when I said "apple". This is 2nd week YL back to work. The milk storage is improving and most of the time we have some extras. Anywhere, we had bought another 4 extra bottle from Babyland and 4 more during Jusco Sales. We also bought baby carry harness during the sales. Furthermore, YL went for Pureen Warehouse Sales to grab somemore baby stuff.