Sunday, April 8, 2007

12th Week (1st April ~ 7th April 2007)

A lot of things happen this week. First of all, YL started to work on Wednesday. We have major problem on this day. Some how the breast milk storage was not enough for Yueh Hui. My mother-in-law was so angry because the baby was crying all day long. Some how she cannot find the Formula milk we prepared for her for this situation. To make things worst, my mother-in-law was complaining her leg was very painful due to carrying Yueh Hui. We were so worry what to do next. To get a babysitter or continue with my mother-in-law? Finally, we gave her another try. Subsiquence days was better because we have more than enough breast milk stock. On Wednesday night, for the first time, Yueh Hui slept for more than 4 hours non interupted at night. This is new sleeping pattern, also gave YL more time to rest. Yueh Hui has become more and more talketive now. She even start to roll-over her body but has not been successful yet without our assistant. We went to see Dr Chye on Saturday to check her rashes on her face. According to Dr Chye, that is normal and very mild and everything seem normal. He advise us to use baby lotion on the dry skin area.