Sunday, January 21, 2007

1st Week (15th~20th Jan 2007)

After 1 night stay in Sunway Medical, Dr Wong and Dr Chye agreed to let the baby and mother to discharge. With Mei Ling (my sister-in-law) help, we arrived Yit Ling's mother's house in SS2 about 4pm. The baby was very co-operative, she enjoyed the journey through-out.
First night at SS2 was dissaster. Yit Ling was strugger because the breas milk supply was not enough. The baby was crying through-out the night. We do not expect this situation and we did not prepare any formula milk at home. I went out to buy formula milk first thing in the morning the very next day.
The next few days was equally bad, we were struggle to decide between breast milk and formula milk. Yit Ling was depress because she wants to breast feed but the supply still not enough. We gave the baby 2 Ozs of formula milk almost every night. At the same time, mother-in-law was very upset and kept encourage us to bottle feed the baby. She believe breast milk is not good enough to the baby. Mei Ling, 3rd sister did manage to conform Yit Ling on this issue and encourage her to breast feed the baby as offen as possible to stimulate milk production. Yit Ling was in pain becuase of the nipple sour.
On the 18th Jan, we (Yit Ling, baby and myself) went back to visit Dr Chye for baby check up. We went to nursary to seek help from Sister Alice (the nurse who we met during pre-natal class). She was very helpful and conform Yit Ling and guide her the way to feed the baby. Sister Choong came and introduced a Breast Warmer (RM50) to us. Warm it in Microwave Oven for 15 second and stick it on the breast to encourage milk flow.
We went back to see Dr Chye on 20th Jan to recheck baby's Jaundice level. The previous level was 199, which was at high side but still okay. The latest result was 230 and recommended to have phototherapy treatment. We decided to admit the baby for the treatment the same day.