Sunday, February 25, 2007

6th Week (18th Feb ~ 24th Feb 07)

First Chinese New Year with YH. First time also for YL and myself collect Ang Pao for our baby. We spend first 2 days of CNY at my parent place and another
day at YL's mother place. After that, we took a good rest at home to enjoy some peaceful day. The confinement month really tireing and this is the first time
we have our own space to relax. For YL, this is very good break, at least she felt more comfortable at home.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

5th Week (11th ~ 17th Feb 2007)

According to Lo Ti Pat, Yueh Hui's fullmoon is on 11th Feb 2007. Early morning we clean her up and I perform hair cutting ceremony to trim her hair. We were debating whether to shave her hair or to just trim her hair. Chinese believe baby hair should be shaved bald on fullmoon day but modern practice has change a little bit. Since non of our parents insist to shive her, I decided to trim because maybe the tiny little hair can keep her head warm. By afternoon we went
to my Parents home at Jln Ipoh for praying ceremony. This is the first time we went back together to my parents' house. My mom is very happy and she set-up the praying table and we 'bai bai' together.
All my family members turn-out for our celebration dinner at home. Yit Ling's 2nd brother also joint us. Unfornutely, the baby is too busy sleeping, she did not came out from her room until later that night.We went back to SS2 after all the makan makan.
On 14th Feb, I collected fullmoon gift package from Uniq Food Trading at Puchong. I distributed 23 packages to APM AC and 17 packages to Unisys then 25 packages to APM AE. Of course, I delivered my family members.
It cost me almost RM1K for the above gift boxes. This Chinese traditional practice to return favour to those who sent gift to the baby. The most important item is the red eggs. Chinese used to ask a newly wed couple when to present 'red eggs'. That means new baby born.We went back to our home in Puchong together for the first time on 23rd Feb, one day before Chinese New Year's Eve.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

4th Week (4th ~ 10th Feb 2007)

Activities become routine....
Yueh Hui still crying every night.... but we are in better control. At least we know how to handle the situation.
Still need to wake up every 2 hours to feed her....

Sunday, February 4, 2007

3rd Week (28th Jan ~3rd Feb 2007)

This week, things has been stabilised, breast milk supply is sufficient and events is quite routine. The only things is night feeding is still very challenging.Yit Ling is recovering and Yueh Hui is growthing steadilly.